Welcome to LifeCare Physical Therapy

At LifeCare Physical Therapy, our mission is to provide you with high-quality, individualized physical therapy using effective manual techniques and exercise. Our staff will utilize a teamwork approach, integrating specialized skills to provide a whole-body plan for your biomechanics health and wellness. We aim to create a lasting and trusting relationship between you and your therapist so that we may meet all your rehabilitation and wellness needs.

Our Team

Mary An G. Moyer PT, DPT

MaryAn Moyer received her Master’s in Physical Therapy in 1997 from North Georgia College and State University. In 2009, she completed her doctorate from Northeastern University. With a passion for manual therapy, she began LifeCare Physical Therapy which was built upon her core desire to provide high-quality, personalized physical therapy. The goal of her practice is to utilize biomechanic principles in the correction of structural imbalance and movement dysfunction in patients. In this patient-centered model, LifeCare PT works to improve function, alleviate pain, and educate each patient for long lasting results.

Brenda Little Physical Therapist

Brenda J. Little received her PTA degree from Becker College in 1988. She worked at UMass Memorial in both inpatient and outpatient facilities for 21 years before joining LCPT in 2011. She received her Reiki Master Certification in 1996 and her Massage Therapist License in 2000. She has extensive training in craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, and myofascial manipulation. Brenda also has a total of 700 hours of Yoga Teacher training. Brenda’s Philosophy: For almost 30 years, I have been privileged to participate in a journey of learning, exploring, and practice. I truly love what I do. For me, work is not work. It’s a passion and a sharing. I am honored to be part of a process where the individual is provided the opportunity for optimal health, thus the subsequent opportunity to connect with and explore their own body, mind, and spirit. The resilience of the body and the courageousness of the spirit never cease to amaze me.

Laura McLarnon Office Manager

Laura McLarnon joined LCPT in 2015. She graduated from Holy Cross College in 1996. She is very active in the surrounding communities, having worked as a substitute teacher in the Northborough Schools and as the Family Program Coordinator at Saint Luke the Evangelist Church in Westborough. She volunteers her time regularly to the public schools, the church, Northborough Junior Women’s Club, and the yearly Harvest Craft Fair. She is passionate about yoga and mindfulness and enjoys studying nutrition and wellness. Laura lives in Northborough with her husband and three sons.

Client Testimonials

  • "At age seventy-two I was still hiking twelve miles a day and doing a full yoga routine. Suddenly, a medical injury damaged my immune system, causing rheumatoid arthritis, lymphatic problems, and pelvic dysfunction. The injury tore my pelvic lymph system and caused an inguinal hernia. Surgery to repair the hernia left me unable to limp more than three blocks a day to get the newspaper. With Dr. Moyer’s visceral manipulation and myofascial release treatments I was able to slowly regain my ability to walk without restrictive pain, and to practice yoga again. This was absolutely necessary to control my rheumatoid arthritis so that I could enjoy hiking once again."
  • "I have enjoyed wonderful results from working with LifeCare Physical Therapy. After hiking thousands of miles over 2 decades and 4 knee surgeries to address soft tissue injury, I found myself unable to hike downhill without excruciating. After several different therapeutic approaches didn't help, my chiropractor referred me to Mary An and I came to LCPT with only a little hope of being able to continue hiking and worried about losing cycling, too. After about a year of therapy I was able to hike with very little pain. This therapy has helped me to continue activities that I love through my 50's and I believe will enable me to continue being an active, healthy person for all of my life. I have referred several friends to LifeCare and was delighted when they had similar results."
  • "I have been a client for several years to assist with managing back and hip pain. The treatments are beneficial, since without them, I would have a lowered quality of life due to mobility issues. The LifeCare staff is friendly, helpful and professional."
  • "Running is an important part of my life, but constant lower back pain started to interfere with my ability to enjoy it. I had participated in traditional weight-lifting physical therapy sessions in the past and did not think that returning to that type of PT would be helpful. During my first visit with Mary An, she quickly determined the problems with my mechanics and the root cause of my pain. Her therapy, coupled with the at-home exercises she taught me, allowed me to start running without any back pain after about two months. Then, while seeing her for a general mechanical check up, I mentioned that my heel was hurting every morning when I first got out of bed as well as on my runs. Again, she was able to quickly determine the root cause and after a number of sessions, the pain was eliminated."
  • "I had been suffering from tendonitis of the elbow, "tennis elbow" for about six months. The pain was so acute it radiated up to my shoulder and down into my hand. It was so painful, it woke me up at night. I went to see an orthopedic doctor who gave me a coritsone shot directly into the elbow joint. The pain subsided, but returned three months later. I decided to try physical therapy to try to relieve the pain in addition to scheduling another cortisone shot. I started PT with Mary An at LifeCare Physical Therapy. After six sessions of physical therapy at LifeCare the pain had significantly diminished and I cancelled my appointment for the second cortisone shot. At ten weeks, the pain had disappeared and I was able to sleep through the night. I was amazed and delighted that I was able to use my arm again without pain and I was able to avoid additional cortisone treatments. The professional care and treatment I received at LifeCare was the most effective physical therapy I have experienced."